Erik's Weblog 2.0

February 13, 2004

Friday the 13th...


javaEclipse 3.0 M7. New and noteworthy in M7.

javaJasperAssistant 1.0.0. A visual report designer tool for JasperReports.

java blogDiego — eclipse 3.0 M7 release.

java blogDion — Sun produces XML Performance Paper.

blogCarlos — Valentine's Day.

development blogDave — DeveloperWorks Versioning Article Review.

windows blogEric — What's New in Vault 2.0.

blogAaron — Anti AdWords Strike Again.

javaAlgernon-J 4.1, a rule-based reasoning engine written in Java.

pcDell Launches Pentium 4 EE Notebook. Dell today unveiled a notebook based on Intel's expensive Pentium 4 Extreme Edition.

developmentPayPal Developer Network Blog. It has a feed too.

development blogPelle — Clump - Maven for C programmers??

mobile blogSteve — quick cameraphone shootout #2.


java blogDaniel — Source control, change tracking, and regular builds.

javajIRCii B3, is a cross platform java Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Client.

javajConfig v2.5 is finally out.

netSPF, Anti Spam Mechanism. Gaining Traction.

javaApache Ant 1.6.1 released.

java blogAngsuman — .NET versus Java - A Philosophical interlude.

java blogRusty — SwingWT 0.79.

java blogGregg — Pro JSP Reviewed.

java blogJ2ME Fancier — Test your J2ME-ability.

java blogBill — Java for Palm OS Devices, Act 2.

java blogGuillermo — Azureus (or Another reason why SWT is here to stay).

java blogAndreas — Where is my new language? Where is the next Java?

mobile blogMike— Good Technology looking for mobile app developer.

java blogSylvain — Cocoon 2.1.4.

java blogTom — Java SDK 1.5 Beta 1.

newsGrand Central Communications Elects Tim O'Reilly to Board of Directors.

pcSun's Returning Co-Founder Talks About His New Role. Andy Bechtolsheim hopes to accelerate Sun's efforts in the high-volume systems market using AMD's Opteron chip.

net'Help! I married a Net porn star'. Man encounters wife on amateur smut site.

newsWhy Cloning Didn't Happen in U.S. Korean researchers leapfrogged American scientists when they derived the first embryonic stem cells from a human clone.


meErik's Pulse has been published.

technologyNASA Prepares to Open Source Code. NASA is looking for approval for their own open source license.

java blogVinny — J2EE Web Services.

blogLeslie — Quick Links.

java blogSanjay — QuickServer — Java library to build TCP server apps.

windowsNo Rumor: Windows Source Code Loose on the 'Net.

javaClient- and server-side templating with Velocity.

blogMatt — The Bar from Top Gun.

mobile blogRuss — Mobile Water Bombs.

java blogGuy — Shame On the JDJ.

blogRob — Why I dumped Google's Adsense program.

javaJava Email Server 1.3.4. An SMTP POP3 email server.

blogMike — Recording Industry Lies About Copy Protected CDs Not Playing In Cars.

javaJamP 0.521. Webstart enabled MP3 Player. 

tvNew Battlestar Galactica Series Greenlighted. 13 episode season ordered.

java blogJ2ME Fancier — MIDP - which one?

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