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January 1, 2004


Happy New Year!

newsNo More Leap Second? In a phenomenon that has scientists puzzled, the Earth is right on schedule for a fifth straight year.

blogMatthew — It took 60 years and A Hobbit wins.

moblogRuss — What's on my Nokia 6600 and New App Idea: Print to Mobile.

java blogLaurent — How serious is Microsoft about killing COM and The Eclipse OSGi runtime explained - Servlets on your PocketPC.

blogCarlos — Room cleaning and A paper prototyping story.

blogBen — How stupid.

blogJeremy — I am not mainstream.

python blogChris — IPython.

blogBill — Open Source and Outsourcing.

blogPaul — Revising english for developers.

blogAnselm — Syndic8 Reaches 20,000 RSS Feed Milestone.

blogRobert — Toshiba Tablet Review.

javajmaid 0.1 alpha, a file manager written in Java which allows editing of text files.

moviesHobbits, Fish, Pirates Lead Cast in 2003. Movies in 2003 collected an estimated total of $9.275 billion, compared to the 2002 total of $9.317 billion.

moblogMatt — Wi-Fi Free Spot.

java blogHani — Open Source Java Programming book review.

blogAlexander — iPod, Accessories, and The Illusion of Lifestyle Products.

blogPaul — Feeling lucky?

blogChuq — the Dirty Little Secret of Nutritional supplements....


mac100 Years of Macintosh. Zero seconds on the Mac OS system clock is January 1, 1904. The Mac OS epoch hits 100 years...

blogDebashish — The best of Null Pointer - 2003.

blogTed — A look back, and 5 predictions for 2004.

linuxForbes Ventures Bold Predictions For IT, Linux. Everyone's favorite, Daniel Lyons and other Forbes journalists have made some bold predictions about IT in 2004.

musicBest Albums of 2003, Scientifically or not.

blogDave — Happy New Year!

java blogRusty — has released Java XTools 1.15.

blogMatt — Happy New Year = Update your copyright notices.

blogAdam — I'm a yank.

netTop Yahoo serches of 2003. [via Amy's Robot Link Factory]

blogAaron — New Zeitgeist.

java blogAslak — RE: Enough with the Test Driven Development Hype.

java blogPaul — Re: Re: Enough with the Test Driven Development Hype.

blogRui — 2003++.

blogChristoph — Tech Predictions for 2004.

blogMartin — Bye Bye 2003.

technology2003: One Step Backward, Two Steps Forward. OfB's latest Year-in-Review article.

technologyCNET Year in review: The sound of Net music.

technologyBusiness 2.0: Tech predictions for 2004.

blogRobert — Slashdot worried about American programmer jobs.

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