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October 13, 2003

Kill Bill


moblogChristoph — Keyring Wifi finder.

blogJTLT 0.4, a templating system for Java.

technologyMozilla Charts an Independent Course. The open-source project, after being split from Netscape, now takes aim at attracting end users and enterprise customers.

java blogDaniel — Making things right. RSS feeds no longer use <link/> tags, they only use <gid/>. I don't know about you, but it seriously messes up my aggregator.

blogSimon — Mac OS X

meInstant Tech Support. Keith was having problems with clevercactus. I hooked him with Diego on IRC. They're hammering it right now.

wirelessTI Behind Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Convergence.

java blogSimon — Integrating Tomcat and Apache on Mac OS X.

netStudy: Yes, spam's a problem. Category: Duh!

java blogCameron — Java Threads: The Hand-Off.


netGaim 0.71 is Out: More Than Y! Connectivity.

blogCarlos — The Mind Electric takes over WebMethods.

java blogDiego — calendar questions.

mobileCingular Launches MMS. Unlimited MMS for $2.99 per month, until January.

java blogRusty — EJBCA 2.1 and JCalendar 0.5.

java blogDaniel — Subclipse 0.8.1 Released.

java blogJon — XMLFace 1.0 Beta 1 released.

java blogAdrian — AntClipse reloaded.

blogRick — MusicMatch Radio service is worth it.

java blogMichael — JSPWiki and SnipSnap compared.

java blogBrian — Apache OJB Unit of Work Tutorial.

blogSimon — Happy Birthday!

blogBill — XML Essentials.

macA Mac OS X 10.2.8 troubleshooting tip. Vicki has been experiencing similar problems with her iMac. I'm going to try to downgrade the PowerManagement bundle as suggested.

pcAcer's Ferrari laptop. Limited edition Ferrari-styled laptop from Acer.

pdaHP's new wireless Pocket PCs. h4150 and h4350.


javaJava SOS 3.60, a Java servlets office suite.

moblogAnil — Microsoft announces mobile webservices.

musicStudent CD piracy lawsuit dropped. A software company drops a threat to sue a US student who showed how to bypass anti-piracy music technology.

moblogDave — Do Mobile Services.

moviesDell backs away from smartphone plans. Leaves market to Nokia.

moblogFrank — Palm OS 5.2.1 Second Edition.


javaHaystack - The Universal Information Client.

javaJiXB, a framework for binding XML data to Java objects.

blogDiego — matrix (over)loaded.

blogMatt @ Camp Foo: blogRuss — Arrived, Morning in California and Ode to the Kreme.

mobileReview: The Z600 is damn near perfect.

netJudge Gives Leg Up to Internet Calls. A decision that Minnesota should leave Internet phone businesses unregulated does not put the issue to rest.

java blogArjun — JAR Hell.

java blogDave — SAX has recently switched over to the SourceFor...

java blogMatt — OS X Rocks, but it sucks too.

blogDave — Wanna cheap iPod?

blogMike — Breaking FOO Camp.

blogErik — Cigar Fraud.

blogTim — Foo Camp Notes.

blogSam — A slice of foo.

blogChuq — Foo Camp.

pcSharp launches 3D notebook. Actius RD3D.

netmIRC DCC Exploit. /ignore -wd *

usWe went to see Kill Bill on Saturday. It opened at No. 1.