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September 30, 2003

Las Vegas


tvGroup Asks Gov't to Crack Down on Product Placement. Infomercial at 10.

java blogCarlos — Open Source Workflow Engines written in Java.

blogLeigh — FOAF-a-Matic Mark 2 beta-2.

technologyReport: Dell & MS More Innovative that Apple?

netWeb security exec accused of hacking. It is not a good idea to give classified documents to the press for publicity.

musicKazaa: Serve Consumers, Not Subpoenas. P2P exec tells senators the entertainment industry wants control of online distribution for its own profit.

netCitigroup closes online payment service. Can't compete with PayPal.

netGoogle buys search engine - PageRank RIP? Got bots?

java blogPrabhu — Read Text From A JAR file and Console View When Typing Password.

blogKevin — NewsMonster is Hiring.

moblogAlan — Verizon Wireless.


java blogKeith — joscar 0.9.3 released.

blogJay — Jabber-Yahoo transport updated and working.

blogPrabhu — Perl: How pull lines between two patterns in different lines.

netMusicMatch selling song downloads. 99¢ a song, albums start at $9.99, download on up to 3 PCs, etc.

blogBrent — In case of danger.

linuxSCO slams IBM's GPL Linux defence. "GPL... is a shaky foundation on which to build a legal case."

windowsLindows: Microsoft settlement site stays. "It is hypocritical for Microsoft to endorse digital transactions to bolster your business but resist them whenever it may negatively impact your bottom line."

moblogMatt — Bluetooth Headsets.

technologySun Stock Drops Nearly 14 Percent. Disappointing first quarter results and a massive charge.

javadnsjava 1.4.2, an implementation of the DNS protocol in Java.


javaJavaPerformanceTuning: September newsletter.

netYahoo Restored in Some IM Clients. Trillian and Gaim.

moblogRuss — BuzzTalk: VoIP for your S60 Phone and Tech Update from Spain.

mobileReview: P900 (in French).

netMusicmatch download service, not Dell. Dell Inc not Dell Computer Corp.

java blogJason — A villiage idiot responds....

moblogCameron — .NET WebLogs.

java blogCedric — The problem with "Half Beans".

technologyThe Guy Responsible For Ctrl-Alt-Del. Three finger salute to David Bradley.

meWe watched the second episode of Las Vegas yesterday. I'm starting to really enjoy the pace of that show.


mobile javaWAP simulator in Java for i-Mode. New version of the Wapaka Web micro browser.

pythonPython 2.3.2 (rc1), another bug fix release.

moblogRuss — Nokia 3660: Round Keypad BEGONE!

blogBharanidharan — MIT for free!

java blogRusty — MRJ Adapter 1.0.4 and XSLT stylesheets for DocBook 1.62.4.

java blogKumar — J2ME: Get Weather Forecasts Free.

java blogMatt — Pro JSP has arrived!

java blogFred — J2ME sdks-Blackberry RIM.

java blogSimon — TagUnit 1.0 beta 3 available.

blogLeslie — Quick links.

blogDarren — Reading material.

java blogNicola — Jars compressed 8-9 times!

wirelessWi-Fi certifications grow rapidly. 900 products certified.

mobileOpera Announces Strategic Licensing Agreement with Adobe. Adobe to include Opera's rendering engine in future products.

blogAaron — More on Google Size Limit.

blogStefan — Link Feed launched.

netTom Dyson emailed me about a new Email->RSS gateway that launched today.

On September 30, 1846 — Ether, an experimental anesthetic at the time, was used for the first time by Dr. William Morton at Massachusetts General Hospital.