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September 27, 2003

Tonight Show


blogChris — Happy birthday GNU!

java blogMohd — Application Logging 2.

macWashington Apple Store having special iPod giveaway. Why didn't they do something like that for the one in Bellevue?

netJuvenile arrested in release of Blaster worm variant. Another local script-kiddie.

java blogAndreas — IBM releases WebSphere SDK for Web Services 5.1.


netThe Cerulean Studio guys have released a Trillian 2.0 beta patch for the Yahoo! Messenger service. Seems to work like a charm.


javaJava 1.4.1 System Properties for Mac OS X.

java blogGeert — RIFE v0.6.57 has been released.

java blogVincent — Using rollbacks for unit testing database code?

blogBen — Practical observations of why the phrase RTFM was developed.

blogMarc — Here we go - Restaurant Reviews.....

blogMitch — Linus Torvalds on Microsoft.

windows7-Zip 3.10 released.

javaJBeanVAM 1.0, a JavaBeans based Visual Authoring Model.

javaJBidwatcher 0.9.2, an auction site (eBay, Yahoo, etc.) bidding, sniping, and tracking tool.

netMozilla for Windows 1.5 RC2, Mozilla for Mac OS X 1.5 RC2 and Mozilla for Linux 1.5 RC2.

On September 27, 1954 — The “Tonight!” show made its debut on NBC-TV with Steve Allen as host.