Erik's Weblog 2.0

August 5, 2003



javaYourKit Memory Profiler 1.0 released.

javaJSP deployments rapidly growing. 94% increase in JSP deployments since July 2002.

javaRed Hat Linux 9 and Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 1.4.2: A Winning Combination.

java blogMatt — Apache J2EE Project and Pie/Echo/Atom 0.2 Snapshot.

blogCarlos — A Monopoly Creates Less Jobs.

pdaReview: Palm Tungsten T2.

mobileMotorola's fall lineup. Phonescoop feature.

java blogMats — PoseidonUML reaches 2.0(beta).

blogJoe — Bileblog sucks. And it's contaminating you, too.

java blogMax — Hibern8IDE 0.9.

blogUgo — Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer?

blogHani — The joys of premature optimisation.

java blogCarlos — Why does Gnome prefers C#?

java blogJason — Ant hack: How to debug paths.

java blogSam — Secure Hash Algorithm 1.

moblogJeremy — WiFi To Go.

javaJcrontab-1.4, a scheduler system written in Java.

technologyFirst MySQL Database Appliance Debuts. The appliance is a preconfigured, integrated hardware/software gadget that packages the MySQL database with hardware from Pogo Linux.

javaMacromedia Regroups With ColdFusion6.1 Release.


blogMatt — SAP DB Becomes MaxDB.

java blogFred — JVMs in Telematics.

javaJavaBDD 0.5, a Java library for manipulating binary decision diagrams.

javaJGraph 2.2.2, a graph component for Swing.

macMetrowerks announces CodeWarrior Development Studio 9.0.

mobileSiemens unveils ST55 camera phone. Integrated VGA camera, with 65,536-color TFT display.

pdaBestBuy database said to list new Palms. The mystical world of model numbers.

netHacker hit parade goes live. A list of the top security problems on the internet which is updated regularly has been published.

java blogRusty — The XML Apache Project has released version 2.5 of Xerces-J.

java blogDavid — Multi-user blojsom progress.

linuxSyndigator 0.11,a RSS reader/aggregator.

pdaCodeWarrior Development Studio for Sharp Zaurus Application Development, Version 1.

mobileAOL Launches New Stand-Alone Communicator. Combines e-mail, instant messaging and an address book into one integrated suite.

mobileMillions getting rid of landline phones. The curly-corded phone is starting to seem like a relic.


meLast month stats: 3737940 pageviews. 56455 unique visitors. Thanks to Matt for pointing out that I was underrating myself by saying “hits” instead of “pageviews”.


moblogEwan — Mobi/AAS Meet Next Tuesday!

java blogWill — A Saga of Palm Java Development.

java blogSergio — Jazilla M2 released.

java blogKasia — Microsoft bashing. always a good topic.

blogAaron — Lucene.Net 1.3.rc1 now available.

java blogChristoph — Java 1.5: New Language Features by example.

java blogSteven — MIDP on Mac OS X.

javaMockEjb 0.4. Lightweight framework for running EJBs outside of the container for testing purposes.

linuxIBM Chooses SourceForge for Internal Linux Group. With security its main concern, Big Blue chooses VA Software's enterprise edition software for its internal open-source group.

newsAirlines warned of ‘gadgets’. Officials: Electronic devices may hide airline threat.

musicThe EFF vs. The RIAA. USA Today profile.

java blogDavide — Bad Smells in Code.

java blogJason — [rsslibj] updates for rss 2.0 feeds.

java blogSimon — Building desktop clients for Mac OS X with Swing.

netMSN junks Monster for Bit of a trend.

wirelessFCC Goes WiFi. Free to visitors 

java blogDanny — Really Simple Blogging with the Atom API.

javaClassifier4J 0.4, a java library that provides an API for automatic classification of text.

technologyCRN Interview: MySQL Chief Martin Mickos.

musicFile-swappers ignore RIAA threats. Don't know, don't care.

On August 5, 1861 — The U.S. federal government levied its first income tax. The tax was 3% of all incomes over $800. The wartime measure was rescinded in 1872.