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May 28, 2003

Red Square


blogDiego — animatrix rocks.

blogPatrick — I love the smell of Code Generation in the morning, smells like...

java blogMatt — Apache 2.0.46 Released.

blogDominic — IBM XML Certification (Test 141) article.

java blogJay — J2SE 1.4.2: Bug Fixes and Upgrades.

macApple's .Mac mail problems continue.

javaJBoss Optimizations 101. First make it work, then make it fast.


blogPartick — Smarter Project Management — Throwing away the plans and MVC debate, continued...

java blogJusten — Java Database Best Practices.

java blogNiel — I Choose JasperReports.

musicRealNetworks launches 79-cent music download service. Price war is good.

pdaGuide to WiFi and PDAs from PDA Street.

javaEclipse Plugin: JavaScript Editor.


blogRuss — Massive Headache.

moblogFrank — SonyEricsson releases Camera and Vibration API for P800.

java blogSimon — Jakarta Lucene is amazing — my blog is searchable!

moblogJim — The Symbian Diaries.

wirelessFCC Allows Spectrum License Trading.

java blogMatt — News you can use — Quartz Plugin for Struts.

java blogDominic — Struts and JDO integration.

javaEuroBudget, a Free Java Accounting Tool.

pdaRetail consumer PDA sales drove 34.6% growth in April. European market research.

mobileTracking Billboard Reach With GPS. American Idol.

meNow you've done it! Over 2 million hits and counting! Thanks :-)


mobileOperators in Sweden, Hong Kong launch MS Smartphone. Qtek 7070 tri-band phone offers GPRS capabilities.

javaEmploy Visual Text-Editing Features in JEditor. Use the power of Java 1.4 regular expressions to build advanced tokenizers.

booksReview — Core JSTL: Mastering the JSP Standard Tag Library.

blogDiego — little poor AOL.

java blogRuss — I'll be signing autographs...

java blogWilliam — Free Java Swing Book Online!

java blogFred — PlugIN for J2ME Brew Emulator.

blogDominic — Are you a Software Architect?

java blogAnthony — java encryption performance crushes c#.

blogJeremy — Beginner's Linux Book Recommendation?

blogSimon — Fun with links.

java blogAaron — xPetstore 3.1 Released.

musicCNN/Money says iTunes sales figures aren't justified. Not that impressive.

maciTunes update disables Internet playlist sharing. iTunes 4.0.1

pdaTwo new Clies from Sony. NX80V and NX73V.

netEBay Told to Pay $35 Million Over Patents. A federal jury said that it was impermissibly using a company's innovations for conducting sales over the Internet.

windowsMicrosoft Slashes Office XP Prices. A a “customer-driven move,” not motivated by the Linux/open-source threat.

javaJSourcery, generates an HTML version of Java source code with embedded links.

On May 28, 1987 — Mathias Rust, a 19-year-old West German pilot, landed a private plane in Moscow's Red Square after evading Soviet air defenses. He was released August 3, 1988.