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April 1, 2003

April Fool's Day


linuxTechnical Review for Red Hat Linux 9.

moblogJim — Bluetooth USB adaptors.

java blogNeill — added to my jarsearcher tool...

java blogDanny — CVSGrab Ant task and Java Jam 4.

javaJMX4Ant v1.1, provides the ability to interact with JMX MBeans from Ant.

wirelessLinksys, Ricochet unveil wireless wide-area network router.

netBan On E-Commerce Taxes Likely To Be Extended.

netApache 2.0.45 Released.


javaThe Future of JDOM for processing XML using Java.

mobileSamsung spoils the Microsoft party with a Symbian phone. The new SGH-D700 is a Nokia Series 60 license.

java blogJonas — AspectWerkz AOP framework for Java 0.3 has been released.

java Castor Eclipse Plug-in v1.0.1, an XDoclet plugin for Eclipse.

netEBay's PayPal accused of violating Patriot Act.

netIRS electronic filing logs 2 million users.

blogDominic — IBM Xperanto.

technologyHP to pair Mozilla with its OS.

netHigh-Tech Companies Get Low Marks For Online Service. Top: HP, Dell, Xerox, IBM, Microsoft, Apple.


javaJava Performance Tuning Newsletter no. 28.

blogChuq — RFC 3514.

blogBryce — April Fools.

javaLiteWebServer 3.0.2, a small modular web server and Java web container based on Tomcat.

javaServlet 2.4: What's in store?

javaDbEdit Plugin for Eclipse, provides a view on the content of a database.

javaOracle targets SMEs with 9i Java Edition. The complete e-commerce kit in a box.

netApril Fools: TheServerSide Bought by Microsoft.

java blogDavid — Bringing your Java Application to Mac OS X: Part Two.

java blogFred — Bruce Eckels Weblog coming soon to Javablogs.

java blogWerner — InetAddress and Javablogs.

java blogGlen — SourceJammer: a Java CVS replacement.

javaJDK 1.5 Early Access 1 Released.

blogMatt — Red Hat 9 Download. I got all the images in about 5 hours using BitTorrent, and let it run all night.

java blogMatthew — 2003 JDJ Readers' Choice Awards — Voting Begins Today.

java blogCostin — Manifests and properties.

javaJSch 0.1.3, a pure Java implementation of SSH2.

netSurvey: Sweden tops U.S. as Web-savviest nation.

humorTop 100 April Fool's Day Hoaxes of All Time.

On April 1, 1778 — Oliver Pollock, a New Orleans businessman, created the “$” symbol.