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March 18, 2003

Full Moon


java blogJoe — Why don't they just kill Vector and get it over with...

java blogFrançois — MMS arnaque?

javaJAsteroids3D 1.1.2, a 3D version of the classic Asteroids arcade game written in Java.

macThe original iMac is dead. After five years, it looks Apple has finally killed off the original iMac.

newsIT Unemployment Hits Record High. Unemployment among IT workers reached 5.23% last year.

tvDirecTV Unit Seeks Bankruptcy-Court Protection.


javaTech Tips: Discovering the calling method name.

technologyMySQL 4 Declared Production-Ready.

blogComing Wave of IT Outsourcing. Millions of US High Tech jobs may be moving overseas in the next decade due to IT Outsourcing.

java blogFred — J2ME Code Obfuscators.

mobileTransmeta Astro.

java blogMichael — Bad smells in code.

java blogKeith — programming guidelines from Bruce Eckel.

java blogCrowbar— Java Too Hard For Java Programmers.

blogJava SOS 3.30, a Java Servlets office suite.

javaSourceJammer 2.0.2, a platform-independent, 100% Java, server-based, SOAP-enabled source code control and versioning system.

windowsNewzCrawler v1.4.1 build 1415, now supports Mozilla.

netU.S. Army Web servers hacked. Be all you can be ;-)

mobileTreo adds Cingular GPRS. Treo 270.


java6 Tips for High-Performance Java Apps.

java blogBlog — heapprofile for OS X.

blogPete — Editing Text Files Developers and system administ...

java blogMats — My web.xml file is finally empty!

javaTJDO, TriActive JDO, an open source implementation of Sun's Java Data Objects (JDO) specification.

mobileAccuWeather to go wireless.

mobileLightSurf and Motorola Expand MMS Value Added Services Across Europe.

netHow Google Grows... and Grows... and Grows.


moblogErik — Wireless Zaurus.

blogJoe — XML too hard for programmers?

moblogNeema — Eco-Friendly Mobile Phone.

mobileWe're jamming. Electromagnetic jammer.

javaPARC Cedes AspectJ Technology to Eclipse. The Eclipse Project adds AspectJ, a Java language to work around crosscutting code issues, to its repertoire.

mobileIntercepting text messages. Until recently the police couldn't intercept digital photos sent from a cameraphone or text messages.

linuxkernel-2.4.18-27 for Red Hat 8.x.

javaWho is Godot in the Java world?

moblogMatthew — Loox here!

mobileFirst International Moblogging Conference.

java blogEric — Three Warning Signs Your Build May Be Too Complex.


javaJava Tip: Protect Web application control flow.

javaWhat is the difference between Class.forName() and ClassLoader.loadClass()?

mobileSony Ericsson P800 reviewed by c|net.

java blogBernard — Orion Server 2.0 is now available for public download.

java blogJason — ResultSet to XML.

java blogRobert — Load testing Java applications.

blogMark — Mark Pilgrim on XHTML Basic.

blogMatthew — Google Searching With Vi Commands.

java blogMatt — Skipping and Seeking; strange Java API discrepancy of the day.

macOur First Lines of Code.

wirelessWiFi HiFi. Philips' Streamium MC-i250.

mobileMitsubishi cellphone adds voice over WiFi to the mix.

musicRIAA Sends Piracy Complaints To 300 Firms.

javaAllJ, a Java IDE.

moblogRuss — Is MMS a Scam?

moblogJim — Beer, WiFi, Bluetooth.

blogPaul — The IT Job Market.

java blogJames — maven going top level.

blogCarlos — Taxonomy of Software Connectors.

moblogCrowbar — Centrino - No Not The Subatomic Particle....

pdaTexas Instruments shows tri-mode wireless PDA.

On March 18, 1891 — Britain became linked to the continent of Europe by telephone.