Erik's Weblog 2.0

March 16, 2003

I Wanna Rock!

javaJXMLPad 1.9, java component for editing XML document..

blogRuss — Philippe's Revenge.

java blogSam — J2EE/.NET Market Share Stats.

blogNorman — No tears for Wrox.

javaJFtp 1.14, a graphical, multihreaded Java FTP client.

javaSableVM 1.0.8, a portable bytecode interpreter.

tvWatching TV Faster. New DVD recorder from Matsushita that records television shows at 1.3 times faster than normal speed.

java blogCameron — The Perfect Parser: i.

blogBill — Comment spam for zipcodes.

javaJBidwatcher 0.9. an eBay tool for bidding, tracking, sniping, and auction management.

moblogAlan — Travelling with your P800.

linuxmboxstats 0.95, creates several top-10 lists from a file containing message in mbox-format.

On March 16, 1979 — Twisted Sister became the first band to sell out New York City's Palladium without ever releasing a record. The band did not sign a record deal until 3 years later.