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December 31, 2002



meLast update for the year. I've blogged a total of 218 days in 2002. Not too shabby.

blogCam — Happy New Year!

technologyFirst 802.11g devices hit the market. Just under the wire for 2002.

netThe 20th Anniversary of the Internet. January 1, 2003.

blogDarren — Happy New Year.


blogRuss — Happy New Year!

blogFred — When You Reach Bottom Climb Out.

macPredictions for Apple in 2003.

technologyMore gadget picks. Phillip M. Torrone and Adam Kalsey.

technologyGizmodo's gadget picks for 2002.

newsNew Year's Eve Wrap-Up of Wrap-Ups.

blogAnthony — The Year In Review.

blogMatt — Happy New Year!!

blogJoe — Benediction for the New Year.


blogAnthony — Pay for Roller?

blogNiel — Last Post for 2002.

blogScott — Goodbye 2002 - Sun's Out!

blogLance — UnFree Roller.

javajd.xslt 1.4.0, an XSLT processor written in Java.

technologyGadget Picks: the Best of 2002.

newsPentagon Contractor Loses Thousands Of Computer Records. Contractor robbed of hard drives holding 500,000 health-care records.

technologyIBM Completes Disk Drive Sale. The sale to Hitachi, valued at $2.05 billion, is a done deal.

blogJeremy — Apache logging directly to MySQL.

blogKarl — Happy New Years Everyone.

macQuickLink Mobile connects Macs to Internet.

newsNew Massachusetts governor to forgo salary. They should all do the same.


blogJeff — Plan for Eclipse 2.2 is now out... and IBM JDK 1.4 for Linux and Windows.

javanntp//rss 0.1, an application that will enable you to use your existing NNTP newsreader to read your favorite syndicated information channels.

blogPat — Why do all app servers suck?.

blogDavid — A not so brief history of Roller.

developmentReview of the Year: Application development tools.

technologyComputer Engineers Optimistic About 2003.

newsOverrated and underreported stories of 2002. 2002 media follies.

netYear in Review: The Key and Stupid Web Moments of 2002.

blogIan — Happy New Year.


javaChart a new course with JFreeChart. Add charts to your Java applications.

javaUse the Comparable and Comparator interfaces to sort data in Java.

javaSecure Data Manager v1.0 released.

javaJarSpy 0.7.3 released.

booksChapter on URL Actions Posted from ‘Core JSTL’ Book.

blogAlan — P800 ... last day of the year reflection.

blogDitzel — Looking for NetBeans/Sun ONE Studio Resources?

blogJoe — It's Time to Open Java..

blogBrent — NetNewsWire Pro 1.0b4.

blogJames — Experimental Jabber Transport for Apache Axis 1.0.

blogGreg — Happy New Year 2003.

blogJim — Happy New Year!

blogKeith — Programming languages as user interface.

blogMatt — Notable Freshmeat Releases.

blogNiel — Happy New Years.

blogMatt — Struts 1.1 Beta 3 Released.

blogRuss — 12 Grapes and Pizza.

moviesTop 10 box-office films of 2002. Spider-Man.

blogFred — Blogging Services Donations.

blogDamien — Happy new Year's Eve.

macMacs making music: From Twisted Sister to Sesame Street.

familyWe're going to spend New Year's Eve at home, just the two of us. The last home-cooked meal of the year will feature a beef roast and baked potatoes.

On December 31 1897, Brooklyn, NY, spent its last day as a separate entity before becoming part of New York City.