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December 29, 2002

Let There Be Light...


netBiggest IP cases of 2002.

blogDavid — "blog entry" vs. "blog".

blogMark — Million dollar markup.

mobileCDMA Pocket PC Phone.

musicThe iPod's dwindling battery. As little as a couple of hours after a year of use.

blogKarl — Year In Review.

blogRoss — Microsoft and Java.

blogRuss — UPP Followup and UPP Followup 2.

netZoe Intertwingle 0.3.4, a unique email client that works through a Web browser.

blogJon— JIRA 2.0.

javaICE, a platform for corporate portals development.


javaFirstSQL Releases Ver. 2.0 With In-Memory Database and HA Support.

mobileMobile P2P messaging. Part 1. 

javaJAlbum 3.0 a free web photo album generator released.

blogCameron — Coherence: One Year On.

blogMatt — WSDL Wizard.

blogRuss — Wireless MP3 Magic.

blogFred — Bill Gates and Steve Balmer-Java is a Virus and Dave Winer is Not a FDA expert!

newsTop 25 Censored Stories of 2001-2002.

technologyComputer games ‘to be classified’. All computer games sold in the European Union from April will carry the classifications.

newsJust Say No to Gadgets and Gizmos. Throw out the stereo and the Cuisinart, sell the cars and computers, and set up housekeeping in a yurt...

moviesMovies that go way beyond bad. Sure, there are plenty of overwhelmingly bad films, but some are so terrible and incompetent it's amazing.

On December 29 1848, U.S. President James Polk turned on the first gas light at the White House.