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December 28, 2002



developmentMeaningful Programming. Part III of an interview with Scott Meyers.

javaJava Ultra Light Client, ULC enables rapid development of Java-based, thin client applications.

developmentPHPEclipse 1.0.3preAlpha released. PHP support for the Eclipse IDE Framework.

javaAspectJ Moves From PARC to PARC has decided to transfer AspectJ to an openly-developed project.

blogBrent — Holy Shit.

blogMathias — XDoclet 1.2.0 Beta 2 has landed!

blogMatt — Erik's Flu. Thanks. Lots of rest, lots of fluids. I just hate being sick.

blogFred — Stupid Dave Winer Sayings-OpenSource Is a Flop.

javaPCS Java Toolkit, yet another web application framework.

pcNew futuristic Keyless Keyboard. CES 2003 Winner.


javaJava+ Preprocessor, a free open source Java preprocessor.

developmentMerant Ties PVCS Pro to Eclipse, WebSphere. Delivers versioning, change management within developer tools.

developmentParasoft Releases New Database Testing Tool. DataRecon.

developmentNetEdge Adds Web Services to VB6, Office. Web Services Enabler released.

blogMatt — Evolution 1.2.1.

javaShadowJAAS 1.2.0, a JAAS-compliant authentication-provider using the shadow-password system of Linux.

javaTM4J, a topic map engine implemented entirely in Java.

javaJDebugTool 2.6.3 can now launch an External Text Editor.


personalI have the flu or something like it. Argh!!!

netCalifornia town sells online for $1.78m. “We wish them luck,” said neighbor Mrs Barnwell.

pcAd-Aware 6 by February.

technologyThe best, worst and missing-in-action of 2002. The highs and lows of 2002.

netKevin Mitnick can go back online next month.

technologyDVD Writers Could Hit 16X in 2004. Mitsubishi new laser technology.

blogRobert — So long XBox, I hardly knew you.

blogSteven — Wikis can look good.

blogTed — The Five Types of Resource Managers.

On December 28 1945, The U.S. Congress officially recognized the “Pledge of Allegiance.”