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December 27, 2002

¡Viva La Republica!


developmentWriting A User Manual (part 1).

developmentTopCoder is fast becoming the major league for programming competitions.

java A First Look at JavaServer Faces.

pcTop ten desktops of 2002. iBuyPower Value XP PC.

pdaIs this the new iPAQ?.

blogBrent — Top Ten Apps.

blogJulian — San Francisco bans Segways on sidewalks, bike paths.


personalWe lost power around 12:30pm. It just came back a few minutes ago, close to 6 hours later. I'll have to check the servers when I get back home. I'm posting remotely as the whole family pretty much ended up at Vicki's brother.


booksBook review: Core J2ME Technology & MIDP.

javaSwingScroller, a stand-alone utility allowing quick-scrolling in Java Swing applications.

blogDiego — the first human clone?

blogErik — Coming Soon.

blogAndy — GCJ JVM?.

blogBrent — NetNewsWire Pro 1.0b3.

blogScott — java.lang Dependecy Analysis.

blogEric — jEdit Plugins Now Categorized: Download 4.1pre7.

blogMatt — A Java Christmas, Sourceforge News and Creative Commons Weblog.

blogRuss — Universal Personal Proxy.

blogScott — O'Reilly: Interview with David Pogue.

blogFred — Funny Referrers-Dave Winer.

javaJPhotoBrush 2.3, an image editing and enhancement application, making extensive use of Swing and Java's 2D capabilities.

netA Peek at History, Piracy-Free. British Pathe has put more than 3,500 hours of its old newsreels online.

musicTwisted Sister Ready To Rock Again. We're Not Gonna Take It.

pdaNew Zaurus Developer Website: Zaurus DevNet.

On December 27 1978, Spain adopted a new constitution and became a democracy after 40 years of dictatorship.