Erik's Weblog 2.0

December 26, 2002

Happy Kwanzaa!


blogJeremy — -- a simple blogroller.

netZoe Intertwingle 0.3.3, a unique email client that works through a Web browser.

mobileAT&T delays 3G, plans limited service by end of 2004.

technologyGNU Christmas Gift: Free Eclipse.

javaJaxup 1.0beta2, a Java XML Update engine.


javaJTimeTracker, a personal time tracker.

newsXM Satellite Radio afloat with cash infusion.

mobileFast 3G service coming to US cell phones.

booksSample chapter — J2ME Application Development: MIDP Programming.

pdaLinux PDA Sharp Zaurus SL-C700 now available in US.

javaSystinet Releases Web App and Services Platform, WASP 4.5.

blogRoman — Unlimited Internet.

blogAndy — “Who Cares!??”, or The 12-step program to not replying to your email.

blogFred — Collaboration Services-The Real Web Services for 2003.

blogLance — Oh My God.

netElectric scooter on a tear at Amazon. Segway's Human Transporter.

netSales tax on Internet may help states. Hogwash!

newsA happy new year for hacker Mitnick. Schmoozing with Kevin Spacey.

music‘Smooth’ Ranked As No. 1 Song Of Rock Era. Santana, Toni Braxton and Los del Rio.

booksEJB Cookbook ‘Transactions’ Chapter Posted for Public Review.


macApple's Present: iTunes Supports Ogg Files.

blogBen — First Annual Half-Past-Midnight-on-Christmas-Day Bookmarks-Emptying.

newseBay item 1791801094: Own the entire rustic town of Bridgeville, California.

pdaDigital pens. Wirelessly send emails and faxes.

blogScott — JVM for .NET.

blogTobias — Reactor-Acceptor-Connector.

blogKeith — You gotta see this.

blogMatt — Early & Adopter.

blogRuss — El Gordo: $1.7 Billion in Cash Prizes.

blogFred — Microsoft Monos Friend or Enemy.

blogScott Thill — Ten Reasons Why American Culture Didn't Suck in 2002...

blogTom — Waste.

javaSecure FTP Bean 2.0, a Java bean for performing secure FTP transfers.

javaEclipse EditorList Plug-in, an editor manager for Eclipse that presents editors in convenient views.

mobileCES 2003 Innovations Award Honoree: Jabra BT200 Wireless Headset.

newsWho hit the jackpot? Single winner. $314.9 million.

javaGet more control over Java console.

On December 26 1982, The Man of the Year in TIME magazine was a computer. It was the first time a non-human received the honors.