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November 18, 2002

Très Très Bon


javaLopica - Java Web Start Encyclopedia Launched.

blogJeff — Of all the stupid ideas... Microsoft Clock!

blogDavid — Hagar v. Roth.

blogJoi — Just pre-ordered my Ginger.

blogKeith — $100 for a keyboard!

blogRuss — Palm is Doooomed.

blogScott — New York Times: Credit Cards Seek New Fees on Web's Demimonde.

newsWang quits Computer Associates.


Matt — Chimera Gets Faster.

Simon — ieSpell.


usWe had my B-day dinner at the Café de Paris in Edmonds. Bar none, the best French food I've ever had in the US.

blogI share the same birth day as the Rebel.

javaHP will bundle a basic edition of Oracle's J2EE application server with systems running its HP-UX operating system.

javaJava come, Java go.

javaSun boosts enterprise Java.

javaJava and .Net both a disaster: research

blogDominic — currency converter. Looking for a free web based currency converter?

blogMatt — Use Labels in your Forms. Cool!

blogFred — More Java Class Samples.

javajGnash 1.1, an open source personal finance application.

javaFirst release of the Java 3D Game SDK.

javaJaxor 3.0 Beta, an open source java code generation engine for creating an object to relational mapping layer based upon XML metadata.

javaJGraph 1.06, an open source graph component.

javaActive JMS, a freely available, non-proprietary, open source ActiveX JMS client API.

blogJoi — A comic strip about "What is a blog?"

javaJetriX 0.1.0, a fast, scalable, and extensible TetriNET server in Java.

javaJMP 0.22, a runtime profiler of the JVM, with object and method statistics.

linuxKernel 2.4.18-18 for Red Hat 8.0.

musicThis is America. P.O.D and Santana. Live in La Casa. How cool is that?