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November 7, 2002

Tablet PC


meI'm on my way to a Microsoft sponsored event titled: “Introducing the Tablet PC! Come Experience the Evolution of the Notebook PC.” Should be fun.

javaA New File Upload Library Release. There's a new update to the com.oreilly.servlet library available.

blogMatt —Our Little Girl has Arrived! Congratulations Mom & Dad!

newsSharp to unveil latest Linux PDAs.

javaSmokescreen 3.11, a commercial Java Class Obfuscator.

blogJulian — .NEXT or .NEVER? The journey as a java professional evaluating .NET.

blogNeil — Web Services Poll

blogRuss — Sendo Drops M$ Licenses Symbian. “How can you get SOOOO close to launch a piece of HARDWARE and then decide to scrap it entirely?”

javaStrutsTestCase, an extension of the JUnit TestCase class that allows testing of individual Action objects with or without a running servlet engine.

booksBook: Processing XML with Java.