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October 28, 2002


meAs Russ mentioned, I've been working on improving his nifty little Scrapbook. The end result can be seen here.
Russ has a cold. I can vouch for his European viruses theory. When I was in France I used to get sick all the time. It all stopped when I moved to the US.

I must be crazy wanting to move back to Europe.
Say No!
javaMock Objects 0.07 released.

javaJava XML View 0.1 released.

javaJava MSN Messenger Library 0.3 released.

macRSSiCal 0.7.3 converts RSS feeds to calendars.

macApple Peel: Carbon vs. Cocoa Revisited.

booksBook Review: Java 3D Programming.

booksBook Review: Perl in a Nutshell.

javaJRuby 1.6/0.5.3 beta. A Ruby interpreter written in Java.

blogWhen the Spam Hits the Blogs. They will soon grab email addresses from feeds. You can bet on it.

newsNew PDA: Palm Tungsten-T. A little pricey.

javaJ2ME Gets Personal.

blogJames: Reading source code.

newsSun joins WS-I.