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12/7/18 Xmas Scarfs
Rio and Night Moves Scarfs. #crochet
11/23/18 Pinwheel Dishcloth
Just finished it, and it already has found a permanent home... #crochet
10/29/18 Asymmetrical Scarf
Gotta figure out a better way to take pictures of large items. Although, the cats were quite interested. #crochet
10/24/18 Grumpy Pumpkin
Quick and easy Halloween amigurumi. #crochet
10/9/18 Project Tote
Finished it a while back, but never got around to attach the handles. #crochet
10/9/18 Four-Leaf Clover
My first chart pattern. #crochet
9/26/18 Loopy Bath Mitt
Actually finished it last week. #crochet
9/11/18 Moss Stitch Washcloth
Corner to corner. #crochet
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