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12/23/10 10 Years of Blogging
I missed it but December 1 was the 10th anniversary of this blog. Still running the same code I wrote 10 years ago.
10/15/09 Blog Action Day
10/15/07 Blog Action Day: Green Links
Greenpeace: iPhone Not Good For The Environment. Last week's Living with Ed. Our low-flow shower heads: Oxygenics TriSpa and Delta Fluidics. The Smart Power...
9/29/07 Not Animated
9/27/07 On October 15: Blog Action Day
9/20/07 Food Industry Lies
Most people don't realize that "0g Trans Fat" on a package doesn't mean that the product actually has 0 grams of trans fats. In fact, the product in question...
8/16/07 Hot/Live
The customs officials at the end of the blue line checked my luggage after questioning me about the reason I was in Lebanon and other Middle Eastern countrie...
4/24/06 Au revoir, Russ...
Russ is closing is blog after 4 years and over 3000 posts. Well, I think it's time to put this weblog to bed. Yep, after four years and almost 3,000 posts I'...
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