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9/11/18 Moss Stitch Washcloth
Corner to corner. #crochet
9/8/18 Microwave Bowl Cozy
Fun little project, and pretty cute. #crochet
9/8/18 Fluted Crocheted Bag
The only good thing about this project is that I got to use my new Lucet to make the cord. #crochet
9/7/18 Lucet
Braiding an i-cord with my new Lucet.... #crochet
8/17/18 Penguin
I tried sewing the eyes on, but couldn't get it right. I ended up using plastic ones instead. #crochet
7/29/18 Triceratops
Cute. #crochet
7/25/18 Bath Mitt
Will be in our bathroom soon... #crochet
7/11/18 Eyewear Pouch
I really needed one. #crochet
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