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June 13, 2009


Not Verified by Twitter

I've changed my profile picture on twitter to reflect my discontent with their new elitist Verified Accounts beta program. Apparently you and I are not popular enough to be verified.

Seriously... Why don't they fork the verrification process over to a thrid-party (Lord knows there are dozens of them); charge $9.99 to be verified; keep half. There you go, there's a revenue model for you.

Nah, that would actually make sense.

Twits du Jour

  • Username set... I was so afraid someone was going to steal it. #
  • RT @JohnChow: Less than an hour till the Facebook land rush. Hope you're ready! #
  • My iPhone blog layout looks pretty crappy on the G1. Just tried it on someone else's phone. #
  • Looking for a big enclosed trailer / car hauler in the Lake Havasu area? A friend of mine is selling his. #
  • Erik's Tumbles - Linkin Park - “New Divide” from “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” #
  • Good read: Eberhard vs. Musk/Tesla. Can't wait for a response, esp. as it relates to Musk's 'misrepresentations'. #
  • Facebook gotta be nuts (or maybe just cocky) to release their new 'username' functionality on a weekend. #
  • That Wolfram Alpha is scaring me. I can't help but think of the Wolf and the Ram... #
  • @paulyeo They could have an audible clue, hold until your hear the beep. #
  • Another missing iPhone feature; hold the mic button for 2 secs during a call to enable/disable mute. How hard would that be? #
  • Erik's Tumbles - Chickenfoot - “Oh Yeah” Music Video #
  • RT @rickross: @DZone " The First Few Milliseconds of an HTTPS Connection" #
  • Erik's Tumbles - Trim the bush to make the tree look taller! #
  • New with the iPhone 3GS, tangling-proof headphones... See, I can make stuff up too. :-) #
  • Having a (Mexican) Coke and a smile. #
  • One of my monitor is completely taken over by twhirl, pidgin/irc and Skype. Kinda pathetic. #
  • RT @vero: If you're designing apps for the iPhone, @mholgate published a useful glossy icons mockup kit on @taptu blog: #
  • Petition: AT&T to offer reasonable iPhone 3GS upgrade prices @ryanbarr #