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February 15, 2005

Dream Phone


My Dream Phone.

Yesterday, Nokia introduced the 6680, which looks very sleek. There are still a few things which I think are missing to make it my ultimate dream phone.

What's with the proprietary connector on Nokia phones? Give me a stereo headphone jack and a standard USB 2.0 port, please.

Put a 5GB hard disk in the thing so I don't have to carry my Carbon, iPod or USB stick around, will ya?

Let me flash the phone via USB. I don't really want to have to ship my phone overseas to upgrade your buggy firmware.

Global Positioning. Can you imagine how much more useful all of these location-based services (directions, maps, etc) would be if they already knew where I was?

WiFi. I know you must've heard of it.

Voice Tags are really nice, but how about some basic voice-based dialing functionality: "Dial 555 1212".

I'm not really dreaming. All of these things are coming in one form or another. The first manufacturer to package everything into one sleek phone is going to be on top for a very, very long time.