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December 31, 2003


Thanks for reading. See you next year!


meMy Year in Review:

  • 315 blog days.
  • 2.5 million visits.
  • 35 million page views.
  • 240GB of bandwidth.
Which explains why I started an Exclusive Sponsorship Program.

I also released the Google Tag Library into the OSS world, bought a Zaurus and began writing Erik's Pulse.

We made one addition to the family, and one departed unexpectedly.
Fake miniPodwindowsFileZilla 2.2.3, a fast FTP client for Windows with a lot of features.

net101 Ways To Save The Internet. 101 ways to save the Internet from spammers, crackers and smothering regulation.

java blogCarlos — 2003 in review - presentations and articles.

java blogTed — Microsoft buys BEA?

javaJava FSP Library 1.0rc2. FSP protocol support for Java.

javaJava Tools Community Effort Back on Track. The plan to build a ecosystem of Java tool frameworks based on open standards appears to be finally gathering steam.

netNetcraft: January 2004 Web Server Survey.

technologyFinding MD5 Collisions With Chinese Lottery. Stealing idle CPU time.

blogJoi — Some 2003 site stats.

technologyInterview: MySQL CEO Mickos Addresses Critics, Looks to Open-Source Growth.

netTop Spam For The Year: Viagra, Mortgages And Porn.

linuxLinux Today: Top 10 Stories of 2003.

blogBill — Meta Best of 2003.

moblogMobitopia: Happy New Year!

java blogTed — My year in review.

linuxNovell Registers Unix Copyrights. Novell has quietly registered for the copyrights on many versions of Unix code that the SCO Group says it owns.

java blogPaul — Enough with the Test Driven Development Hype.

java blogLuke — 2004, here I come.


macKonqueror successfully compiled for OS X. Benjamin Reed has compiled Konqueror for Mac OS X, after recently porting the KUniqueApplication class.

javaAnalyst encourages Microsoft acquisition of BEA. Combined companies would give marketplace more software choices.

blogDavid — Happy New Year Blog!

pcFirst external USB HDTV tuner. The OnAir USB HDTV from SASEM.

gadgetsGroups Promote Recycling of Tech Gadgets. Environmental groups are getting ready for a surge of electronic devices that could be recycled or reused.

java blogHani — WebWork 1.4 Interceptors with Spring.

blogVattekkat — Cool tools.

blogKeith — Links.

java blogMatt — Send a Fax from Java?

java blogCarlos — 2003 in review - all the releases I could link to.

java blogMark — do not parse html with regexes.

macNew Products at MacWorld Expo. A short list of new products to be launched.

macMacworld review: Digital Performer 4.1.

javaUMLet 2, a Java tool to rapidly create UML sketches.

musicReview: Gateway DMP-X20 Digital Music Jukebox.

newsMitnick to exploit hackers for $500 a pop. Fame and glory awaits.

moviesMovie ticket prices rising. Loews Cineplex and United Artists, 25 cents.

musicAP: Wal-Mart Music Download Service Mediocre.


moblogFrank — Text Messaging For Americans: a european take.

blogMarc — So long 2003...

blogSam — Syndication and CSS.

java blogDaniel — Year end notes.

windowsReview: XMLSPY 2004 from Altova.

blogMartin — 2003 => 2004.

blogMatt — Leo Laporte: KFI's Tech Guy and RetroBox: Cool Cheap Old Gear.

blogRuss — New Year's Stuff.

moblogDavid — Sony Ericsson P900 vs Nokia 7650 Picture Quality Test.

musicApple unlikely to release smaller, cheaper iPods. Aren't rumors fun?

moblogEmily — Phil Kaplan of launches an anonymous moblog.

blogAlan — Setting up MailScanner on Redhat 9 and Linux Shell Script for testing for disk size.

blogDion — Opinion: The End of the Beginning?

java blogMarc — we need Reflection in MIDP.

java blogMichael — JXPath to rescue!

java blogJack — Responses to last month, and December Java Performance News.

java blogMatt — Jalopy source code formatter no longer free.

blogAdrian — The long hand of RIAA or simple plain dumbness ?

moblogEric — Why the FAA worries about your cellphone.

blogDanny — Raptor 1.1.0 released.

linuxXFree86 core team disbands. XFree86 core team leader David Dawes has sent out a message stating that the core team has voted to disband itself.


moblogRuss — Received Messages.

moblogRael — Online Sony Ericsson Phone Configurator.

moblogDaniel — CryptoPhone's limited "open sourceness".

pdaReview: Toshiba e405 / e400.

blogJus — Javascript and Form Trickery.

blogLowem — How fast can you read?

java blogShay — The Java persistence poll results are in.

blogLeslie — Quick Links.

blogBill — Reading for 2004.

java blogMark — My new book 'Java 10 Minute Solutions' is in print.

blogBill — Sir Tim.

blogCharles — Valid HTML Woes.

technologyThe Year's Top Tech Movers and Shakers. editors recognize some of the year's most influential figures in tech.

mobileWireless Firm Rings Up 'King'-Sized Entertainment. Jamdat Mobile unveiled a collection of products based on "LOTR: The Return of the King."

javaQuantum Framework for Java. A port of Miro Samek's Quantum Framework. 

javaJavaAPI View and Search Tool — JawaAPIHelper1.4 released.

javaJComposer is now OpenSource. JComposer aim to be a complete Java based music composition tool.

java blogAndrew — List of free Java books for download (ver. 0.1).

java blogWerner — Java Development with Ant : "good read".

blogRob — Snow in Puget Sound Country. There's currently a little over 1 inch in Bellevue.

netUK's 'Most influential' websites named. Google, eBay and Friends Reunited.

gadgetsTokyo Edge: New Gadgets for the New Year.

sponsorToday's sponsor is Atlassian.