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August 26, 2003



java blogSimon — Review of Mac OS X for Java Geeks (O'Reilly).

blogJeremy — gzip vs. bzip2.

javaJar Browser 0.9, a Swing app for searching across a collection of jars.

newsBanks Upgrade Check Fraud Detection. A positive-payee system to identify checks with changes to the payee line.

java blogCameron — Session IDs: A brief how-to.

blogRogers — Microsoft offers free trial of Virtual PC.

moviesHollywood Lines Up Plenty Of Friends Against Morpheus, Grokster. Friend of the court...

mobileVirgin scores 550 times. Sprint PCS prepaid phones.


java blogRusty — MRJ Adapter 1.0 and The FreeBSD foundation has released Caffe Diable, a port of the Java Development Kit 1.3.1.

java blogGlenn — Hogs Get Wi-Fi.

blogJay — Open source protestors take to the streets.

netTracking Down Yahoo!'s Millionaires. 25 people who sold their companies to Yahoo!

python blogCedric — Python replacing Visual Basic? Nah and Components in Java.

javaJSch 0.1.7, a pure Java implementation of SSH2.

blogArjun — Eric Raymond's Blog.

java blogPhilip — Java vs. .NET, part 5 – Rich thin clients.

blogJeremy — Yahoo! News RSS Feeds Launched.


wirelessD-Link Supports Hotspots with AirSpot. Public Hotspot Gateway.

java bloga san juan — Screwed by the Microsoft JVM.

technology‘Experts’: Be wary of tech analysts. Analysts are simply getting it wrong these days.

mobileStarting Development for the Series 60 Platform for the absolute beginner.

mobile15 day evaluation of CodeWarrior Development Studio for Symbian OS.

javaApache Tomcat 5.0.9 Beta Released.

java blogArjun — Java FTP client libraries.

java blogHani — A bile interview with Marc Fleury.

blogJim — Brave New World. Jim's got a new blog.

javaAnt Shell 20030826, a command shell executing Ant tasks.

netAmazon Goes After the Flim-Flam Man. 11 lawsuits in the U.S. and Canada against spammers.

netSoBig Lacks Originality. Most viruses do. Luckily we've yet to see a true masterpiece.


javaLDBC Liberty Database Connectivity, a vendor-independent JDBC driver.

java blogRuss — Struts Target Naming Conventions and Mobile Devices.

python blogNelson — Python on Windows is complete enough to be a real alternative to Visual Basic.

mobileRansom demand by SMS. This appears to be the first case of extortion by text messaging.

java blogFred — SonyEricsson New J2ME SDK.

blogRogers — Florida may tax computer networks.

blogSimon — 118 whatever.

java blogChristoph — HTTP Throttling Reverse Proxy as Web App debugging tool.

zaurusPerl 5.8.0 for the SL-5500.

wirelessNetgear's 108Mbps WiFi gear. Wireless access points and laptop cards.

java blogDavid — blojsom 2.0 available or Happy Birthday to me!

blogMark — My Briefcase: living from a Zip disk.

On August 26, 1842 — The first fiscal year was established by the U.S. Congress to start on July 1st.