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July 3, 2003



javaDemystifying Extreme Programming: Just-in-time design. Why do today what you can put off till tomorrow?

javaHigh-impact Web tier clustering, Part 1: Scaling Web services and applications with JavaGroups. A hands-on exercise with the distributed solutions toolkit.

java blogMatthew— Mac OS X browsers and Java.

java blogSimon — My review of Java XP Cookbook (O'Reilly) is in the bunkhouse.

java blogAnthony — JasperReports vs JFreeReport.

java blogVincent — Back from TSSS.

blogfx — Glossary - what's a link whore? What's a blurker?

java blogCedric — Inverted if statements.

java blogSteven — Java vs .Net developers and BEA's XMLBeans going open source?

java blogKevin — XMLBeans.

java blogAaron — Jakarta Latka.

macThe Age: Samsung releases Contact client for Mac.

tvComcast Selling QVC for $7.9B. Liberty Media, which once considered selling its stake, takes over the shopping network's television, direct marketing and Internet properties.

windowsZone Labs Now Says It Will Patch Free Firewall. Make up your mind, will ya?

javaThe final version of the JavaMail API 1.3.1 release is now available.


javaBattle of the Web services environments. Network Computing tests six application server and platform offerings.

moblogMartin — Moblogging for Other People.

mobileMillion Cell Phones Disappear Annually – Often in Toilet!

pdaPalmGear Announces Top 10 Applications for Palm-Connected Handhelds for June.

moblogDominic — HowardChui and Howard Forums: Great Mobile research.

blogLeigh — Ping FOAFnaut.

java blogMike — TheServerSide Symposium wrap up and downloads.

blogMark — Other things.

blogDanny — Parsing FOAF with PHP.

blogTodd — Billboard to Chart Internet Downloads.

blogMicrosoft plugs second Passport hole. Microsoft fixed a security flaw in its Passport online identity system after the vulnerability was revealed by a Latin American hacker.

movies‘T3’ blasts $4 million in previews. I am back.


javaTutorial: Use XDoclet to generate Web service support files.

javaJSP best practices: The power of time stamps. Time-stamp your JSP pages and personalize your Web site.

blogMatthew — iCal schedule for OSCON.

blogMatt — Ebay Live! Journoblogger Coverage.

java blogEmmanuel — Une autre architecture J2EE...

blogKevin — Scott McCloud takes a stab at micropayments.

java blogRusty — Julien Ponge has released IzPack 3.0.9, an open source tool for building cross-platform installers in Java.

blogBob — Morphon: Free XML Editor.

blogBen — Echo...echo...alright enough already.

blogRogers — Is the RSS Validator acting funky?

java blogKevin — Servlet Authentication Sucks.

javaMyFaces 0.4.0, catches up with current JavaServer Faces Specification 1.0 PRD2.

macMac OS X Hint: Prevent P800 and iSync 1.1 Corruptions.

macHackers offered most points to hack a Mac. The hacker defacement contest.

pdaNYT: What's new about Pocket PC 2003.

pdaToshiba e740 PDA owners demand OS upgrade. Windows Mobile 2003 may not help.


blogJim — Cutting off the air-supply.

blogRuss — Requests and opportunities.

mobileAAS: Nokia Communicator Delayed?

java blogWerner— JBoss 4 DR2 released and Java Conference in Europe should be looking at what is happening in the US.

blogKevin — NewsMonster on OSX.

blogScott — Recommendation Wanted: Ergonomic Keyboard.

java blogTom — The Sun JCD Exam.

java blogAngelika — After Java and C# – what is next?

macNew Productivity Bundle offered. Metrowerks has joined forces with REAL Software Inc. and SolidWave Software Inc.

netWill hackers attack on July 6? Hackers plan to attack thousands of Web sites Sunday in a loosely coordinated “contest” that could disrupt Internet traffic.

mobileMitsubishi beats Cisco to market with WLAN phone. OK, so it's by a gnat's whisker


meSo Erik... “How did you get accepted by Google AdSense,” you ask?
Well, I don't really know. But here's what I did.

As you know, when I submitted my site I was flat out rejected. The form letter I received indicated that you could respond with additional URLs for re-submission. I replied with pointers to my blog and Vicki's website. I was only allowed to apply for, so I figured they might not have checked any further.

A couple days went by. No answers.

I then decided to revamp the site's main page with a little bit more information on what was available here. I figured the old page was probably too “personal” for Google.

I then e-mailed Google again asking what the hell was going on with my re-submissions. Less than a day later I received a response. I was finally approved.

My thoughts. The person that originally checked my site didn't look very far. They might just have seen the word “weblog’ and dismissed it. Who knows... I'm sure glad I didn't give up.

BTW, did you know that GoogleAds are also language sensitive? Check this out. Cool.

pdaNYT: Windows Palmtops Reviewed.

blogMatt — UseCases for Necho Are Compelling.

wirelessPlug-in Bluetooth for your Car! Parrot's new DriveBlue unit.

java blogHenri — Book review published.

blogMatt — My Love-Hate Relationship with Apple.

java blogAnthony — Use Ant with multiple JDK.
I do things a little differently.

My JAVA_HOME is pointing to JDK 1.4, e.g: C:j2sdk1.4.2. I also created a JAVA_OLD_HOME variable for JDK 1.3, e.g: C:jdk1.3.1_08.

To compile under JDK 1.4, I put the following in my build.xml files:

<property environment="env"/>
<property name="jdk.dir" value="${env.JAVA_HOME}"/>
<property name="boot.classpath"
  value="${jdk.dir}lib ools.jar;
    ${jdk.dir}jrelib t.jar;

<!-- Compile target -->
<target name="compile" depends="bootclass">
  <javac srcdir="${src.dir}" bootclasspath="${boot.classpath}">
    <classpath refid="classpath"/>

To compile for JDK 1.3, I simply set ${jdk.dir} to ${env.JAVA_OLD_HOME}.

I just need to make sure that my environment variables are updated when I upgrade the JVMs, but I never have to modify any of my build files.
java blogAlex — "Serializable Threads".

java blogCesar — Java IO Sanity.

blogHani — DTD abuse.

blogChris — Core Mac OS X and UNIX Programming.

blogBrent — Finished with Echo (for now).

blogKeith— Terminator 3 was awful.

blogSam — XML-RPC, SOAP, and/or REST.

javaWhat's New in J2SE 1.4.2. JavaLive.

javaPerformance of Java Compilers: An Empirical Study.

blogSteve Mallett — XUL Tutorial.

blogPierre — T'as pas cent balles ?.

java blogAndy — Whats happening in Java....yesterday? and Java Activism at JavaLobby.

javaJamon 1.1, a typesafe text template engine for Java.

macO'Reilly Mac OS X Conference 2003, now open for Registration.

java blogJos — Nice article on javagroups on developerworks.

blogSimon — web site tips.

musicSome Bands Say No to iTunes. Some bands aren't on board.

On July 3, 1971 — Jim Morrison (Doors) died in Paris at age 27.