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March 5, 2003

Buon Ristorante


java blogMatt — Java Server Faces Demos!

moblogRuss — Nokia and Metrowerks Launch Series 60 Dev Toolkit.

blogRafe — I'm stumped.

wirelessReview of Apple's AirPort Extreme.

moblogErik — New Sony Ericsson Phones Roundup.

blogJay — An overview of web services startups.


blogEric — Finished Red Hat RPM Guide.

developmentUnderstanding LDAP, Part 2.

blogAlan — Google: Friend or Foe?

moblogRuss — Nokia and Metrowerks Launch Series 60 Dev Toolkit.

blogBrent — NetNewsWire 1.0.1b3.

java blogLance — Keep IDEA from Hanging for significant periods of time while doing GC...

musicInternet music services finally sing a better tune. AOL's MusicNet.


linuxOptimizing GCC. How much faster would gcc compile the kernel if gcc itself was optimized?

linuxIs Linux as vulnerable as Windows? Counting viruses is simplistic, but there is evidence that Windows is becoming more resistant, and Linux is becoming more of a target.

macEnterprise CTO Switches to Mac OS X. ‘Rethink Before You Reinstall’

javaJAXB 1.0 and JAXP 1.3. Java API's for XML Binding and XML Processing Updated.

blogKurt — The new Launches.

java blogDong — Java profiler.

java blogDanno — Java language triva...

java blogJoe — Lucene is working now..

java blogBob — Don't implement Page-by-Page Iterators using a scrollable ResultSet and jAdvise Article..

java blogMarc — Junit Out of Loop.

moblogMatthew — Mobitopia - day 2.

moblogAra — Sony Ericsson P800.

java blogKenneth — Java Regular Expressions.

java blogDanny — Java Jam 4.

pcDell Widescreen 15.4 inch Laptop. The Dell Inspiron 8500 with a 15.4-inch wide-aspect screen featuring a resolution of up to 1,920 pixels by 1,200 pixels.

javaComputerworld: Java News Shorts.

pdaToshiba's new Pocket PC with a digital camera. The Genio e550c.

booksO'Reilly releases “Google Hacks”.

moblogErik — T-Mobile to cut wireless-data prices.

blogRogers — Too many specs spoil the broth.


MobitopiapcToshiba preps laptop fuel cell.

tvFaith is back on Angel tonight.

java blogDion — Hibernate & JDO.

java blogJoe — Blog Software Status.

blogMatthew — Mozilla: Blogging's Killer App.

moblogJim — Disentanglement or Anticonvergence?

moblogErik — Oracle's Mobile Center.

newsA LifeGem is a certified, high quality diamond created from the carbon of your loved one as a memorial to their unique and wonderful life.

netNet Hacker Tool du Jour: Google. “When your medical records are indexed in Google, something's wrong.”

macDSL provider Covad adds Mac support.

java blogJames — SuperSearch - Eclipse Plug-in.


javaFail-Safe Interop for Your Enterprise. Discover strategies for invoking distributed services to achieve interoperability and integration among J2EE and .Net components.

javaThe Long and Winding Road. Sun is holding back the Java 1.4 spec release to comply with WS-I's interop guidelines.

javaPutting a New Face on Web Interfaces. The JavaServer Faces technology takes the next step in separating presentation from business logic.

javaReturn Prewritten WSDL. Configure Axis Web Services.

javaBuild a Web Services-Based Interface. See how a collaborative solution demonstrates using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets in a Web-based interface for a retail chain.

javaMapping Java Objects to a Database with Castor-JDO.

javaJThumbnailer, an Image Preview program which contains basic preview function, such as File System Browsing, Thumbnail view, actual size view of Image, resize, rotate, flip, HTML generation.

java blogDavid — Java IDEs: Market Overview..

moblogMatt — Moblogger enabled for this blog.

blogBrent — NetNewsWire 1.0.1b2.

java blogTed — Effective Enterprise Java (System): Use independent JREs.

javaJMyAdmin, a tool written in Java intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the Web.

technologyBEA provides glimpse of its future direction. Security, application management and process-oriented programming.

gadgetsPowerMate. The Griffin PowerMate is too weird and interesting a gadget to pass up.

gadgetsTrust issues. A portable lie detector called the Handy Truster that analyzes subtle, involuntary changes in voice stress that are supposed to correlate with truthfulness.

javaJoGa , Java Optimizer with Global Analysis.

wirelessWireless Internet startup to bring up to 30,000 “hot spots” to UK this year.

java blogSimon — JavaRanch March newsletter.

moblogJim — BBC reviews P800.

moblogStuart — The term moblog has been there for quite a while now.

java blogPatrick — AspectJ book on Slashdot.

usDinner at il Bacio was excellent. Nothing like authentic italian food.

March 5, 1998 — NASA announced that an orbiting craft had found enough water on the moon to support a human colony and rocket fueling station.