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January 16, 2003

Spotlet to MIDlet


technologyMail Management With Procmail. The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth...

javaHard Core Tech Talk with Christophe Ebro on JMX.

blogJeppe — FeedExpress beta 1 has been released.

blogKevin — Hw to Write in Plain English.

blogAndy — Color me stupid...but Apache, its not just for breakfast anymore...

blogChiara — Why put the toilet seat down?

blogEric — Where Extreme Programming Falls Short.

blogJeremy — Macromedia Acquires Presedia.

blogMatt — Here comes 80211.g.

blogRuss — Video Phones and RealOne Video for Series 60 Sucks So Far.

blogDamien — Progect fully GPLed.

blogCostin — More JMX in tomcat5.

newsMicrosoft Posts Record Revenues. Announces Stock Split and Dividend.

netEBay's fourth-quarter profits triple. Yahoo!

newsSun Microsystems Posts $2 Billion Loss. Largest net loss ever with more than $2 billion in acquisition-related charges.

newsGates' dividend payout: $100 million. CEO Steve Ballmer and other executives will also rake in big gains.

pdaHandspring narrows loss. Chips away at losses but still sees a drop in second-quarter revenue of more than $22 million.

booksBook publisher adopts open-source idea. Prentice Hall.


technologySAP embraces .net and Java with NetWeaver. The next generation of its mySAP platform.

blogSteve — A possible Apple-Sun merger?

blogDiego — syncing java to mobile phones and a simple performance test of java generics.

blogMarkus — Ant doesn't solve the Classpath problem either.

blogDanno — Netbeans does SWT!.

blogMark — Body IDs.

blogBrent — NetNewsWire 1.0b11.

blogJames — Where did that class come from, anyway?

blogGreg — Apache + Tomcat Via mod_jk2.

blogSam — Why .NET is better than Java.

newsA different bomb by Pete Townshend. PDF.

javaGuiffy 4.7. File and Folder Compare/Merge.

mobileSamsung's first cameraphone. SGH-v205.

technologySecurity Flaws Found in ISC's DHCP. Several buffer overflows.


newsDMCA Invoked Against Garage Door Openers.

blogJim — Mark's redesign.

blogFrançois — Pourquoi tant de bruit autour des smartphones?

blogSam — Are My Ears Ringing?

blogScott — Spam that is Really, Really Annoying.

blogMatt — Anonymous CVS taken offline at SourceForge.

blogAre Hummer Owners Idiots? More delightful proof positive that most SUVs are, in fact, morally repugnant.

javaVSS Plugin for Eclipse. Version 1.2 released.

technologySymantec reports 29 percent Q3 revenue growth. Third quarter income of US$72 million or $0.44 per share, on revenue of $376 million.

blogBen — FeedReader goes GPL.


javaJava Swing: Menus and Toolbars, Part 1.

javaIntroduction to Text Indexing with Apache Jakarta Lucene.

javaUsing JMeter. How to use JMeter, a Java-based tool for load testing client-server applications.

mobileSMS Messaging Unreliable. Two-weeks. 26,000 messages. 7.5% never reached their destinations.

blogDiego — a pim for mobiles and geographical URL mapping part 3.

newsRight and Wrong. The copy-right infringement.

blogMarkus — Fixing the classpath problem.

blogDave — Safari Newsflash: Alternate Stylesheets and Safari Response:

blogBob — Caching with SoftReferences..

blogMark — The one I've never tried.

blogDoug — Microsoft Windows Movie Maker 2 (beta) reviewed.

blogStuart — Leo Outling Editor.

blogMatt — Easily Install Oracle 8.1.7 on Red Hat Linux.

blogBill — Siege: an Open Source Web Server Stress Tester.

blogMatt — Java-based Forums and Free Software.

blogRay — BuddySpace: How cool is this?!.

macApple reports $8 million loss or $0.02 per share for its fiscal first quarter.

pcBid on a Tablet PC autographed by Bill Gates. Yuk!

newsNow the Honeymoon's Over. Dick Notebaert pulled Qwest back from the brink of bankruptcy. Here comes the hard part.

pdaNew Wrist PDA from TIMEX. Ironman Data Link USB.

musicBritney Falls For Limp Bizkit Bad Boy. Opposite attracts?

javaDiagnosing Java code: Design for easy code maintenance.

javaP2P with wireless Java technology, Part 2.

javaXML in Java: Data Binding, Part 1: Code generation approaches, JAXB and more.

javaSourceCafe 1.0, a Java code generator.

meI spent an hour or so converting a KVM spotlet, that I wrote couple years ago, to a MIDlet using the Nokia J2ME SDK. Russ is going to give it a try on his new phone.

On January 16, 1987 — The Beastie Boys became the first act censored on “American Bandstand.”