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    * [[.:​win:​dnscache|DNS Cache Control]]    * [[.:​win:​dnscache|DNS Cache Control]]
    * [[.:​win:​doskey|DOSKEY Directory Listing Shortcut]]    * [[.:​win:​doskey|DOSKEY Directory Listing Shortcut]]
 +   * [[.:​win:​duplicati|Duplicati:​ Delete Backup File on HubiC]]
    * [[.:​win:​unixls|Emulating UNIX Directory Listing]]    * [[.:​win:​unixls|Emulating UNIX Directory Listing]]
    * [[.:​win:​fastreboot|Fast Shutdown/​Reboot]]    * [[.:​win:​fastreboot|Fast Shutdown/​Reboot]]
    * [[.:​win:​mydocloc|How to Change the Location of the My Documents Folder]]    * [[.:​win:​mydocloc|How to Change the Location of the My Documents Folder]]
 +   * [[.:​win:​pcserialnumber|How to get your PC's serial number?]]
    * [[.:​win:​forcekillprocess|Kill an unkillable process]]    * [[.:​win:​forcekillprocess|Kill an unkillable process]]
    * [[.:​win:​installshieldsilent|Running InstallShield Installers in Silent Mode]]    * [[.:​win:​installshieldsilent|Running InstallShield Installers in Silent Mode]]
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