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 +====== Running InstallShield Installers in Silent Mode ======
 +For a listing of the commands available with setup.exe see:
 +To generate the silent script (.iss) use:
 +  setup.exe /r /​f1"​c:​\mysetup\mysetup.iss"​
 +To run the silent mode script use:
 +  setup.exe /s /​f1"​c:​\mysetup\mysetup.iss"​
 +In older versions of InstallShield (4.x) you will need to specify a valid path in the
 +''​szDir''​ key of the ''​[SetupType-0]''​ group in the ''​.iss''​ file, e.g.:
 +  [SetupType-0]
 +  Result=301
 +  szDir=C:​\mysetup
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