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 +====== How to install Eclipse & Aptana Studio on Vista/​Windows 7 64-bit? ======
 +== Installing Eclipse on a 64-bit version of Windows ==
 +Only the Eclipse SDK comes in a 64-bit flavor for Windows. One solution is to install the Eclipse SDK, and manually install the plugins for Web, XML and Java development.
 +What I did is install the [[http://​​downloads/​|Eclipse IDE for Java Developer]] (32-bit), and copy the content of the [[http://​​eclipse/​downloads/​|Eclipse SDK]] (64-bit) over it.
 +== Installing the Aptana Studio Plugin on a 64-bit version of Windows ==
 +In order to ensure the Aptana Studio plugin works on a 64-bit version of Eclipse, do the following (([[https://​​faqs/​installing-aptana-studio/​64-bit-install-win|source]])):​
 +  * Make sure that a ''​JAVA_HOME''​ environment variable is set on your system.
 +    * To check or add a new environment variable, search for ''​environment''​ in the ''​Start''​ menu search box, and select ''​Edit environment variables for your account''​.
 +    * If it does not already exists, add a user variable called ''​JAVA_HOME'',​ pointing to JRE or JDK on your drive, e.g. ''​C:​\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_16''​ or ''​C:​\Program Files\Java\jre6''​
 +  * Make sure the location of the JRE (or JDK) bin directory is your path by adding '';​%JAVA_HOME%\bin''​ to the ''​PATH''​ user environment variable. Create a new ''​PATH''​ variable if it does not already exists.
 +  * Download [[http://​​Download|XulRunner for Windows x64]].
 +  * Create a ''​xulrunner''​ directory in your Eclipse installation directory (e.g. ''​C:​\eclipse''​),​ extract the content of the XulRunner archive in this directory.
 +  * Add the following at the end the ''​eclipse.ini''​ file located in your Eclipse installation directory:
 +  * Install the Aptana Plugin using the [[http://​​studio/​plugin|standard instructions]].
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