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 +====== Signing an Android Application (apk) for Release ======
 +If needed, create a keystore, as follows:
 +<​code>"​%JAVA_HOME%\bin\keytool"​ -genkey -v -keystore android.keystore -alias android -keyalg RSA -validity 10000</​code> ​
 +You'll be asked to enter a password, name, etc.
 +Sign your apk, as follows:
 +<​code>"​%JAVA_HOME%\bin\jarsigner"​ -verbose -keystore android.keystore MyAndroidApp.apk android</​code>​
 +You could easily create a drap/drop batch file to sign & verify applications,​ using something similar to the following:
 +@echo off
 +"​%JAVA_HOME%\bin\jarsigner"​ -verbose -keystore "​%USERPROFILE%\<​path_to>​\android.keystore"​ "​%1"​ android
 +if errorlevel 1 goto ERROR
 +"​%JAVA_HOME%\bin\jarsigner"​ -verify "​%1"​
 +if errorlevel 1 goto ERROR
 +goto DONE
 +@echo on
 +To install the application on the Android Device Emulator:
 +  - Run the emulator
 +  - Open a command/​console window in the SDK ''​tools''​ directory
 +  - Issue the following command:
 +  <​code>​adb install "<​path_to>​\MyAndroidApp.apk"</​code>​
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