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6/24/19 Facial Scrubber
Had a little bit of yarn leftover... #crochet
6/24/19 Mom's Kitchen Collection
Couple Hot Soup Bowl Cozies and a Washcloth with the leftover yarn. #crochet
6/22/19 Home
Going home with more questions than answers. But at least the pain is now controlled.
6/22/19 ER Visit
Groin/stomach pain started yesterday. Waiting for labs.
6/21/19 The Boys
6/19/19 Crochet Bowl Cozy
Mom wanted another one... #crochet
6/14/19 Twits du Jour (June 13)
My pompous tweets for June 13, 2019
6/13/19 Yarn Holder
Mom's little Birthday gift... #crochet
3/18/19 Movies (2019)
Brief reviews of every movie I saw in theaters this year.