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12/24/11 Contessa & the Canine-oli
All of the doggie treats we brought were a big success.
12/24/11 Merry Christmas!
Our 2011 Christmas Card... Merry Christmas to all and to all a Merry Christmas!
12/24/11 Twits du Jour (December 23)
My gallivant tweets for December 23, 2011
12/23/11 Sherlock Series 2
The first series was pretty good...
12/23/11 Underworld Awakening
Second trailer. Selene still rocks our world.
12/23/11 Twits du Jour (December 22)
My muss up tweets for December 22, 2011
12/22/11 John Carter
We just saw it before The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Much better than the previous one.
12/22/11 Dragon Tattoo
Haven't read the book. Vicki has.
1/8/11 Movies (2011)
Short reviews of every movie I saw in 2011.