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12/23/02 Rockin' the Casbah
[@259] TinkerTool 2.32, a utility to change hidden Mac OS X settings. DocletAssistant, a content-assistant for XDoclet and Eclipse. Kmart: Bankruptcy to end...
12/22/02 Two Towers
[@122] Diego — rsd. Really Simple Discoverability. Alan — P800 major cool feature just discovered ... Ben — Mod_cc final(ish) draft. Cameron — More on my wis...
12/21/02 1 Year + 2 Days
[@160] J2eeBuilder, a library of generic implementations of J2EE patterns. javancss4eclipse, an Eclipse IDE Plug-in showing code metrics. Based on JavaNCSS....
12/20/02 Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!
[@144] UML2EJB, a UML to EJB code generator. EzPOP 1.1 released. Keith — Firefly. Just a little upset. ;-) Fred — Wrong Predictions. Morgan — infamy. I think...
12/19/02 Full Moon
[@253] Struts in Action. Part 5: Validating user input. PC Mag: Gateway Ad. Titanium PowerBook featured. ‘Rings’ sets December one-day box office record. Mat...
12/18/02 Land 0' Links
[@838] Diego — hype the hype. The 10 biggest hype jobs of 2002. Robert — JSP and Zope. Laszlo — java.blogs.bug. I bet Mike's been busy. Dominic — MobileCoder...
12/17/02 Same Ol' Situation
[@000] Programmer Challenge: Create a “Find File” program. JUnitEE v1.6 released. Russ — Last Names in Spain. JaxMe 1.52, a Java/XML binding tool based on SA...
12/16/02 Same Ol' Story
[@129] Java Code Stack: Enabling Full Screen. Ephox Upgrades Enterprise Web Content Authoring with EditLive! for Java 2.0. JBlend Ships to Early Access Custo...
11/11/02 Television (2002)
TV shows I watched in 2002.
11/5/02 Alaskan Quake
Frank Knapp, who lives in Palmer, sent me the following shots. The quake, centered on the Denali Fault 90 miles south of Fairbanks, struck Sunday November 3...
10/27/02 Claim Jumper
Family Dinner at Claim Jumper
9/3/02 RSS 0.9.4 Extensions: Draft
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9/2/02 BBQ @ Flora
BBQ at Flora's
9/2/02 Jake's Christening
Photos from Jake's Christening
5/2/02 Bio
My bio...
3/8/02 Snow Watch '02
I took the following pictures in the early morning of March 8, 2002.