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10 Nov 2019 Yarn Revolution 2019
Much bigger venue than last year.
31 Oct 2019 SCCA Tests Day
Blood draw, EKG, Muga and CT scan. Long day.
19 Oct 2019 Llama
Vicki made a B line...
19 Oct 2019 Fiber Fusion Northwest
Vicki is working at the ball winding station.
3 Oct 2019 CT Day
Also seeing my nephrologist later on.
22 Jun 2019 Home
Going home with more questions than answers. But at least the pain is now controlled.
22 Jun 2019 ER Visit
Groin/stomach pain started yesterday. Waiting for labs.
8 Jun 2019 Worldwide Knit in Public Day
At Tabby's in the Everett Public Library...
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