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4/30/07 Cingular/AT&T 8525 Firmware Update
AT&T/HTC have released a firmware update for the 8525. As previously stated, no Windows Mobile 6, just some fixes and PTT. Better late, than never.
4/9/07 No Vindows Mobile 6 Upgrade from AT&T Cingular...
I have been told by a pretty reliable source at AT&T Cingular that they will not offer upgrades to Windows Mobile 6 to current Blackjack and 8525 owners. New...
3/22/07 Cingular 8525 as a USB Modem
PocketPC Central has an excellent tutorial on using the Cingular 8525 as a USB Modem or Bluetooth Modem.
1/9/07 Changing the 8525 Bluetooth Name
By default the Bluetooth device name on the Cingular 8525 is the owner's registered name. The device name can be changed by using a registry editor to modify...
11/16/06 Cingular 8525
Just got it this morning... So far, I'm pretty pleased. Stay tuned.
11/6/06 My Next Phone...
I can't hardly wait until November 16th. I'll make for a nice birthday present to myself.
7/19/06 3G Outage
Cingular's 3G network was down all day yesterday. I just talked to a friend that works for Cingular tech support who confirmed it. Isn't that the way it goes...
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