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14 Mar 2011 Tell Congress to give you a five-year wireless tax and fee break
Received the following this morning... Dear Member, Need a break from excessive taxes and fees on your wireless bill? Help could be on the way...
25 Jul 2007 FCC shuns Google plans for open mobile network
Two Democratic members of the Federal Communications Commission have lent their support to an open-access wireless network proposal, giving it a majority bac...
30 Jan 2007 Jawbone
I bought a Jawbone Bluetooth Headset at a Cingular store last Friday. Probably the worst designed headset I've ever owned. It's bulky and hard to slip over t...
18 Jan 2007 WIP320 Compatible Headset?
I've posted the following on the Linksys Community Forum: Has anybody been able to find a headset compatible with the WIP320? I have tried 4 or 5 of them, wi...
16 Jan 2007 Linksys iPhone?
I just noticed that the one I bought at the beginning of the month doesn't say iPhone on it... Nothing on the box either.
This has to be one of the coolest gadget I bought in years. The IOGEAR GBMHKIT is a Wireless Stereo Headphone/Headset with Bluetooth capabilities. It comes w...
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