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4/9/07 No Vindows Mobile 6 Upgrade from AT&T Cingular...
I have been told by a pretty reliable source at AT&T Cingular that they will not offer upgrades to Windows Mobile 6 to current Blackjack and 8525 owners. New...
4/5/07 Fix Vista Error Opening Shortcuts with Firefox
Tired of seeing the "Windows cannot find 'http://..." error dialog when double clicking on a Internet shortcut in Vista? Here's how to fix it using regedit.
4/3/07 Fix Photoshop Registration Nag Under Vista
Here's a nice workaround to stop the Adobe Photoshop CS2 9.0.2 registration nag under Vista. Thanks, Kristan. It was really starting to drive me crazy.
1/31/07 NVIDIA Essential Vista
NVIDIA is providing a nifty little web-based tool to determine if your PC can run Vista: I think I like it better than Microsoft's Vista Upgrade Advisor.
1/24/07 Free 3D Golf Game
In exchange for signing up for a newsletter (or not), Microsoft is making OmmiG Software's 3D Golf Game for Windows Mobile available for free:
1/11/07 iPhone on Pocket PC
12/28/06 Configuring DST on WM
Because of the Energy Policy Act, daylight saving time will be extended by four weeks in 2007. How to configure daylight saving time for the United States an...
12/19/06 ClearTemp 0.9
Vicott Wong has just released ClearTemp 0.9, a nifty utility which allows you to clear temporary/unused files and unused registry keys/values on your Windows...
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