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8 Dec 2016 The Wall
In Theaters March 2017
26 Mar 2012 What your wallet says about you?
The wallet may very well be heading toward extinction.
8 Jul 2011 Goodbye Wallets! How Mobile Payments Are Becoming the New Credit Card
Sounds like there's going to be as much fragmentation as on the non-mobile payment processing market.
14 Jul 2007 Adobe's Interactive Wall
See Adobe's Interactive Wall, featured in the New York Times.
31 May 2006 Superman Returns: Mobile Wallpaper
It was time to change my RAZR's wallpaper: I think I'm getting pretty good at this.
20 Jan 2006 Underworld: Mobile Selene
I was playing with the Motorola Phone Tools multimedia studio and decided that I should try to create an Underworld: Evolution wallpaper for my RAZR. It turn...
10 Jan 2010 Movies (2010)
Brief reviews of every movie I saw in theaters in 2010.