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28 Jan 2016 Touch Yourself Tonight
22 Jul 2011 How Does a Touch Screen Phone Work?
14 Jul 2011 for webOS 1.0.3
HP approved my updated version of for webOS. The new version adds support for the TouchPad screen size. That's it. Russ tested it out for me, and eve...
5 Jul 2011 Russell Brand on HP TouchPad Features
Not very funny.
24 Mar 2008 QuickGPS Registry Fix
QuickGPS stopped working on my HTC Touch Cruise a few days ago. Each time I would try to update it, I'd get some sort of connection failure. I did a bit of r...
20 Feb 2008 HTC Touch Cruise: Registry Hacks
Here are some of the hacks I've done on my HTC Touch Cruise. I generally use Task Manager to edit registry keys. Change the Default Bluetooth Name By default...
18 Feb 2008 HTC Touch Cruise: Scratch Magnet
A little bit over a week since I switched to the HTC Touch Cruise, and I already have quite a few scratches on the screen. I'm pretty careful with the thing....
13 Feb 2008 What's on my Touch Cruise?
Instead of the typical listing, here's what I have on my HTC Touch Cruise in screenshots...
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