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6 Mar 2018 Do Americans Ever Change Their Passwords?
Just how cautious are Americans when it comes to cybersecurity?
8 Mar 2017 Kobalt Plug-ins Update
Since Cédric released Kobalt 1.0 and Kotlin 1.1 is out too, I've also updated my plug-ins...
31 Jul 2016 VersionEye Plug-in for Kobalt
I've released a thrid plug-in for Cédric's Kobalt build system based on Kotlin...
1 Oct 2012 NoUSSD 1.0.1: Prevent Remote Wipe Internationally
I've just released NoUSSD 1.0.1, an update to my Android utility that prevents malicious websites from using the recently discovered tel: URL attack...
27 Sep 2012 NoUSSD 1.0: Prevent Remote Wipe
I've just released NoUSSD 1.0, an Android intent that prevents malicious websites from remotely wiping your device.
6 Jul 2011 TSA: Foreign terrorists want to implant explosive devices in fliers
Are you f•••ing kidding me? Is it budget renewal time already?
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