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26 Aug 2005 Learn Chinese
[@386] Learn Chinese Lenovo wants North Carolinian to learn Chinese. I say let them. It might just be the best education they'll ever get.
23 Aug 2005 Movie Snobs
[@377] Movie Snobs Enough with snobbish movie reviewers. There's a reason we don't let our kids watch too much TV. It breeds morons. If you're getting payed...
22 Aug 2005 Idiot Proof
[@953] Idiot Proof Why would anybody buy a fireproof safe that is not also waterproof? What comes after fire? Usually, water... Lots of it. Fire and water-pr...
19 Aug 2005 Comments Bully
[@708] Comments Bully If you're going to leave nasty comments on a blog, do yourself a favor and invest in a spell-checker. I know it's hard to restrain your...
18 Aug 2005 New Rules
[@084] New Rules I just finished reading Bill Maher's New Rules book. The book itself was so-so, hilarious at times, but quite uneven overall. I like the new...
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