Twits du Jour (Aug 14)

Aug 15, 2015
<1 min read

My wandering tweets for August 14, 2015

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NVIDIA Essential Vista

Jan 31, 2007
1 min read

NVIDIA is providing a nifty little web-based tool to determine if your PC can run Vista: I think I like it better than Microsoft's Vista Upgrade Advisor.

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IDEA, CVS, SSH and Athlon 64/nforce4

Jan 2, 2006
1 min read

If you're having problems accessing CVS servers over SSH using IDEA and are running on a Athlon 64 with a Nvidia nforce4 chipset, like I had. You need to dis...

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Pass on Passport

May 9, 2003
4 min read

[@278] O'Reilly: Mac OS X for Java Geeks. Leverage a Coding Cheat Sheet. Total .NET SourceBook is a handy code-sample repository that has excellent potential...

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Java Move

Mar 25, 2003
6 min read

[@326] Microsoft Internally Corrects XP SP1 Slowdown. The Dell Printers Are Here! A940, P1500, S2500 and S2500n. Integrated Testing Builds In Quality. Achiev...

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