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9/18/08 Rock N' Roll Train
9/15/08 The Boys are Back in Black... Ice
9/8/08 Super Bitch
Good song, well, if you don't mind lip syncing...
10/3/07 Capitol (RIAA) v. Thomas
Ars technica has pretty good coverage of Capitol Records, et al v. Jammie Thomas; the first RIAA file-sharing suit to actually go in front of a jury.
8/16/07 RIAA: Pay as we say, not as we do
In the case of Capitol v. Foster, where the RIAA was ordered to pay $68,585.23 in attorney fees and costs after unsuccessfully suing over copyright infringem...
8/16/07 Court Acquits Allofmp3
A Russian court found the former boss of music download Web site not guilty of breaching copyright on Wednesday in a case considered a cruci...
7/17/07 Russian Court to VISA: 'Must Process Payments to Allofmp3'
The Moscow Arbitrary Court has ruled that Visa's decision to terminate its contract with Alltunes, MP3sparks, and AllofMP3 was illegal under Russian law beca...
7/14/07 A Reprieve for Net Radio
The music industry won't impose higher royalty rates on Webcasters—yet. Stay tuned, though... Could it be the music industry is finally getting a clue?
4/18/06 Playlists
My current playlists on
2/20/05 Music
Some of the more notable CDs we recently bought.