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27 Sep 2008 I Wanna Live
18 Sep 2008 Rock N' Roll Train
15 Sep 2008 The Boys are Back in Black... Ice
8 Sep 2008 Super Bitch
Good song, well, if you don't mind lip syncing...
3 Oct 2007 Capitol (RIAA) v. Thomas
Ars technica has pretty good coverage of Capitol Records, et al v. Jammie Thomas; the first RIAA file-sharing suit to actually go in front of a jury.
16 Aug 2007 RIAA: Pay as we say, not as we do
In the case of Capitol v. Foster, where the RIAA was ordered to pay $68,585.23 in attorney fees and costs after unsuccessfully suing over copyright infringem...
16 Aug 2007 Court Acquits Allofmp3
A Russian court found the former boss of music download Web site not guilty of breaching copyright on Wednesday in a case considered a cruci...
17 Jul 2007 Russian Court to VISA: 'Must Process Payments to Allofmp3'
The Moscow Arbitrary Court has ruled that Visa's decision to terminate its contract with Alltunes, MP3sparks, and AllofMP3 was illegal under Russian law beca...
20 Feb 2005 Music
Some of the more notable CDs we recently bought.