Java2Html and IntelliJ IDEA

Jan 29, 2006
1 min read

IDEA can export Java source code to HTML, which I find quite useless. I really like the way Java2Html works but there is no integration with IDEA. You can ea...

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Half Baked

Dec 10, 2003
4 min read

[@134] Collective Ownership of Code and Text. Ward Cunningham talks with Bill Venners about how he designed wiki to be a model for collective code ownership,...

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AOHell Blogs

Jul 7, 2003
8 min read

[@213] Diego — blogs in the workspace. Matthew — Google. Anthony — Ads and FreeRoller. Scott — Ant performance. Adrian — Eclipse and gtk+2.2.2(r1) – hmmm let...

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Church & State

Apr 22, 2003
4 min read

[@097] Russ — Mobitopia's Down (but not Out). Nokia Buys Eizel. The swallow up cost $21 million US and should bring Nokia customers better email. Jeff — Ecli...

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