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5/6/19 Spider-Man: Far From Home
Endgame Spoiler Ahead...
1/15/19 Spider-Man: Far From Home
6/27/16 Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
In Theaters - September 30, 2016
2/22/16 Home Sweet Home
How sweet it'll be, indeed. 10 days ago, I walked into the ER. Today I'm being discharged, finally going back home. I've lost a few internal parts (some good...
6/28/12 Everyday Poisons In Your Home
Did you know, millions are unintentionally poisoned each year, and a majority of those are children under 6-yers-old?
3/27/06 Cheap Cable Ties
Funny. Russ went to Home Depot over the weekend. So did I. He found some cheap Ethernet cables. I found some cheap 4" cable ties which are just prefect for n...
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