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13 Dec 2012 The Hazards of Holidays
There’s a lot that can go wrong around the holidays.
11 Oct 2012 The Health Hazards of Tablet Use
Tablet use can pose health hazards according to a Harvard study.
2 Oct 2012 Get movin' or die...
Inactivity Pandemic...
17 Sep 2012 The Organic Debate: Are Organic Foods Healthier?
Most of the reasons why we choose organic foods have nothing to do with nutritional content.
14 Aug 2012 The Most Important Meal of the Day
Why breakfast is essential to the success of your day...
31 Jul 2012 What Health Care Fraud is Costing You
Fraud can cost a huge amount of money for both the victim and their insurance company.
17 Jul 2012 Serving Sizes Around the World
Americans have the highest per capita calorie consumption in the world.
16 Jul 2012 Memory Retention and the Forgetting Curve
Our brains can easily accommodate so much information, but why is it that we remember some things vividly while forget others almost instantly?
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