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10 Aug 2007 75% of Firefox downloaders don't become active users
Mozilla, the organisation behind the Firefox browser, is asking for help. It says: "we need to improve our ability to retain users". Mozilla is discovering h...
5 Apr 2007 Fix Vista Error Opening Shortcuts with Firefox
Tired of seeing the "Windows cannot find 'http://..." error dialog when double clicking on a Internet shortcut in Vista? Here's how to fix it using regedit.
24 Apr 2006 Firefox: This is hot!
1 Feb 2006 IE7, the feed master.
I've been playing with IE 7 Beta 2 preview for a few minutes. I does a terrific job with feeds. Wow! Regardless of how good it really is, I suspect people ar...
27 Dec 2005 My Predictions
[@699] My Predictions Jeremy asked me about my predictions for 2006, so I obliged:
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