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7/19/19 C2C Shawl
C2C Granny Stitches and one row of SCs to finish. #crochet
7/11/19 Hooded Blueprint Scarf
Vicki wanted it to be long... #crochet
7/7/19 Small Woven Cowl
My mom wanted a smaller version of the one I made for Vicki a while back. #crochet
7/5/19 Woven Stitch Cowl
Vicki sewed it together. #crochet
7/3/19 Snow Drops Chucky Cowl
I changed the pattern quite a bit since Mom wanted it to be quite small. #crochet
7/1/19 Chevron Glasses Case for Mom
My first Chevron pattern. #crochet
6/24/19 Facial Scrubber
Had a little bit of yarn leftover... #crochet
6/24/19 Mom's Kitchen Collection
Couple Hot Soup Bowl Cozies and a Washcloth with the leftover yarn. #crochet
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