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10/16/19 Loopy Love Scarf
Took a few tries. The first time, I goofed. The second, I really didn't like the color runs. Finally got it on the third. #crochet
9/6/19 Dragon Egg Dice Bag
Someone showed me the design at the fair, I had to try. Using a dark color wasn't the best choice. #crochet
9/5/19 Mom's Clutch Bag
Mom did all the sewing and blocking. #crochet
9/3/19 Mom's Little Purse
Mom wanted a little purse/clutch to put in her bag. #crochet
9/2/19 Fiona's Coat
Fiona was a trooper posing in the heat. #crochet
9/2/19 Homebody Slipper Socks
Mom wanted a pair of slipper socks. #crochet
8/30/19 Crochet Demo at the Fair
Vicki is demoing knitting.
8/23/19 Herringbone Small Basket
The previous one I made was a bit big for me, and my Mom really liked it. #crochet
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